Electrical Design

Mehmet Oğuzhan Oğuz


PPD conducts electrical design and calculations of following aspects:

  • Transformer kVA capacity
  • MV and LV bacle sizing
  • Power transmission line sizing
  • Short circuit calculations
  • Lighting design
  • MV single line diagrams
  • LV single line diagrams
  • Design of MV & LV power distribution lines
  • MCC single line diagrams
  • Data and phone line systems design
  • CCTV system design
  • I/O Lists

Cable sizing follows development of single line diagram.


Instrumentation & Control

Mehmet Oğuzhan Oğuz

Instrumentation & Control

As part of our engineering services, PPD provides the following:

  • Instrument Lists
  • Specification Sheets
  • Instrumentation, JB and cable trays layouts
  • Control System Architecture
  • Wiring design and Cable Lists
  • Cabinet Design and FAT
  • I/O Lists
  • Hook-Ups
  • Mechanical Level Data
  • Calculation Sheets for Flow Elements, Control Valves and PSVs.
  • Control Loop Diagrams

3D Plant Design

Mehmet Oğuzhan Oğuz

PPD uses 3D Plant design software in order to increase efficiency and minimize errors.

Process Simulation & Design

Mehmet Oğuzhan Oğuz


PPD can conduct process simulations for following processes :

  • Sulfur removal from flue gas.
  • Gas purification.
  • Thermal design and simulation for shell and tube, air cooled heat exchanger.
  • Pipeline hydraulic simulations.
  • Power plant heat & mass balance calculations.

Cable Sizing

Mehmet Oğuzhan Oğuz

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Equipment Design

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Storage Tank Design : PPD follows and applies API 650 for oil products storage tank design and 625 for Amonium Storage Tank design.


Hazard and Operability Analysis

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HAZOP review required to assess the hazard potential of mal-operation or malfunction of equipment and the consequent effects on the facility


P&ID Development

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PPD specialises in process plant design, procurement, constructions supervising and Project Management of large scale Engineering Projects.


Piping Layout Design

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