Major Projects Involved

We believe in long term design value, which we acheive by selecting quality pieces and through timeless design.

  • ITE Natural Gas P/L Project Detail Engineerin Services (P&ID, PD, PSA)
  • ITE Natural Gas Project Owner’s Engineering Services (ENER Construction) – Turkey. Pipeline (P&ID, PD, PSA, SE)
  • 14 MW Steam Turbine Logistic and Commissioning- Turkey. (P&ID, PD, PSA, SE
  • Spandex Production Plant, Installation and Commissioning- Turkey. (PSA, SE
  • USA Military Force Camp Construction – Afghanistan. (DE, SE)
  • Infrastructure Natural Gas Project – Duzce/Turkey. (SE)
  • Ammonia Nitrate Production Plant, Installation of Ammonium Tank – Turkmenistan. (SE)
  • Yashlik Pulp and Paper Mill – Turkmenistan. (PD, PSA, SE)
  • Turkmenbashi Port Construction – Turkmenistan. (SE)
  • Turkmenbahsi Refinery Lube Oil Unit Project Turkmenistan. (SE)