About PPD

In the recent days we heard a lot about Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things). Industry’s next level is to develop and run “Unmanned Factories” where the robots and machines communicate with each other to achieve the goals. If man made robots and machines can focus on the same purpose and execute their duties why  human can not fulfil their duties by applying pre-defined company rules and  of course communicating with each other during the execution of the project.

PPD is founded as an Engineering & Design team specialized on process plant design projects which require focusing on work as a team and creativity of every member. We decided that sitting physically close to each other to execute Engineering and design jobs is not necessary anymore except weekly and monthly meetings or meetings with our Clients. Also wearing suits, ties, that soul killing shoes, sitting on a chair in an Office surrounded with traffic, noise, away from home and family. Similar like e-learning, PPD based its’ understanding of work on collaboration of team members by aid of internet and IT infrastructure. Hence, creativity and team spirit came along with flexible working conditions. We believe in enjoying the life increases the team performance which results as delivering the highest quality work and long term relations with our clients are achieved.